The Wormworld Saga - Promotion 2019
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Final Artwork

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Process Steps

The Wormworld Saga - Promotion 2019

I wanted to have a new promotion artwork for the Wormworld Saga for a long time, but never managed to find the time to create it. In May 2019 I decided to start working on the artwork on my weekly Twitch streams. That way the painting process got divided into 2-hour chunks, spreading over 5 months. Since I started every session with a fresh eye, I went through quite a number of iterations and the whole process took a pretty long time (around 50 hours). But I think it was worth the effort and giving it that time definitely had a positive effect on the outcome. This artwork is probably one of the most carefully balanced compositions I've ever created. I've also posted a GIF that skips through the results after every 2-hour session.

If you're interested in the Wormworld Saga, you can read the digital graphic novel for free here:

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