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About me
My name is Daniel Lieske and I was born in 1977 on the edge of the Teutoburger Forest in Germany. I started my 'art career' quite early by selling my first comics on the schoolyard. Since then my passion is to entertain people with stories and artwork.

My wife, my son, our two cats and I settled down in the small German city of Warendorf. There we live in a historical frame house in the old town. In a secluded corner I built my studio in which I work on my projects.

Here I draw and paint, read and write, listen to music or just surf the internet for inspiration.

I hold dear childhood memories of playing in the woods, climbing on trees and exploring gloomy places. When I was born, the first 'Starwars' movie hit theatres and I grew up with 'The Muppets' and movies like 'Indiana Jones', 'Dark Crystal', 'Legend' and 'The Goonies'. All these and much more influences show up in my artwork today. They shaped the way I look at things and built the foundation for my own imaginary worlds.

About my work
Today I'm working fulltime as a graphic novel author and illustrator. I also do lectures, talks and workshops about graphic novel creation, independent publishing and digital art on the side. If you'd like me to appear at your event please find my contact information at the bottom of this page.

My workspace is 100% digital. All my drawings and paintings are created on a PC with graphic tablets and pen displays from Wacom. On the software side I mainly use Adobe Photoshop and Pixologic ZBrush for my work. These are great tools for artists and working digitally gives me a lot of creative freedom and also speeds up the overall process of making images. By using graphic tablets I can still hone the traditional skills of drawing and painting but without having to clean brushes or waiting for paint to dry.

About my activities
I'm the founder and one of the administrators of digitalartforum.de which is a German digital art community in which we share thoughts about our artworks and organize yearly user meetings since 2001.

Groupshot from the digitalartconvention 2009

I also frequently contribute to several international CG forums and over the years my work was featured in international artbooks and magazines and has received several community awards.

I'm doing video trainings for Video2Brain, so if you are interested in my digital workflow, head over to my Video2Brain Trainer Page and have a look at the video trainings they offer.

If you want to contact me for any reason, please send me an email to:


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